Any tips besides maybe telling me to practice.....like specific things.
every note you play is an arpeggio, no matter what you play, you'll be playing an arpeggio of some sort.

If you mean arpeggiate the chords your rythm player plays, and sweep over them, then that's just theory.
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Great neck, nice n light, good tuning stability. Overall a good guitar. I didn't but it cause I generally only buy guitars over a grand now.
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I would say the only trick is to practice a lot. Make sure you're doing it right at all times so that you don't pick up bad habits that are hard to shake off. There are several good articles on the subject in the Lessons section of this very site. Pay really close attention to the techniques of others i.e. watch Malmsteen or Becker etc. on YouTube if that's all you have access to; if you're attentive enough, it should give you at least a little insight into the problems you're experiencing.
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take a basic arpeggio figure and sweep it really nice and strum the notes really really slow and lift your finger off each string as u hit it but do it really slow don't pluck every string just strum slow that is key to why its so hard to learn. soon as you've mastered it slow speed it up a notch. repeat as necessary before you know it you'll be sweeping with the best of em its one of those things where while your practicing you'll kinda suddenly be doing it without thinking because u started slow and simply sped it up. no go onward and sweep
wrong fourm, but practice, and do it slow dont start off with 5 string sweeps start at 3 and work your way up.
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Goto the lessons, type in sweep arpeggios, and you should find mine. Ill answer any questions you got.
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look at sweep picking lessons on ug. that will solve all your problems.
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