i recently got one of those uncut paddle headstock necks it has a maple fret board i knew i would have to cut the headstock but the fretboard has no finish all the other maple boards i have are clear coated and it seems to me that should have been done before fret wires were put in. i always use lemon oil on rosewood but i heard somewhere you should'nt use it on raw maple.is this true? what should i use?

Lemon oil and maple fretboards do not go together!
Only rosewood!

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Of course you can..oh, wait...no. Someone will be along in a mo to say that Rosewood, is the best place for Lemon Oil...oh, they did already...sweet.

I was nearly sold some once...had the cash in my hand, then I mentioned how pretty my Maple board was...guy nearly shat himself, coz it would have been his fault I fooked my finger board up!
so what can i put on it? the entire neck is completly unfinished raw wood i might dye the back and headstock whatcan i do with the fretboard?or do you leave it natural?
Its needs to be clear coated.

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Its needs to be clear coated.

nah just tung oiled.
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you can lemon oil a maple fretboard as long as its bare wood, not finished. i would never use lemon oil, its a house-hold remedy that just puts the real problem off. if you want to really condition a fretboard, 25/75 mineral spirits and linseed oil.
I read in several magazines that you should use lemon oil on maple

Also, When I first bought my current guitar, it has a maple neck, and I asked the dude at the store specifically if I should use lemon oil and he said yes, have I been damaging my guitar???
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Ummm, I'm under the impression that all maple boards must be lacquered to keep them from dirtying up. I'm sure the lemon oil wouldn't hurt anything but it certainly wouldn't be doing any good if its lacquered.
yeah, it would just ugly up the finish, especially oil based finishes. you can keep maple fretboards clean if you are religious about oiling the fretboard. and yes, mineral spirits always, i have a special fretboard mix in my shop, mineral spirits evaporate almost immediately, so you gotta whipe it on heavy, and it causes the oil to penetrate deeper into the wood, making the wood moist feeling for longer. you can use VM&P Naphtha (a type of lighter fluid/paint thinner), its cheaper and easier to handle, however extremely stinky and explosive.
^i think that lacquering maple boards is definitely the better option, I personally dont use maple on anything for myself atleast. I think rosewood is much more attractive and stronger.
it is, maple is actually an awful fretboard wood, its simply cheap and traditional because fender used it on one-piece necks with no seperate fingerboard. its surface is just too soft. pau ferro, i am convinced, is the best fingerboard.
pau ferro, isnt that just bolivian rosewood? I cant remember.. If I could get some relatively cheap ebony I'd use that (20-30 a board foot.)
ebony is nice, but very boring looking. unless you get macassar ebony, the white stripes against the pitch black grain look amazing, and its tons cheaper. pau-ferro is harder than ebony, its called "bolivian rosewood", but it doesnt grow in bolivia anymore, it grows in brazil mostly. it looks exactly like brazillian rosewood, there is no real way to tell the two apart other than the fact that pau ferro is much much harder than it. pau ferro is very cheap also, its up-and-coming, and it will die out like brazillian rosewood fairly quickly i feel.
ahhhh thats good i bought quite a bit of that for fingerboards, about 24 boards worth of bolivian.. its 18-22 a board foot if i recall..
no! dont use lemon oil on maple fretboards!!! it says right on the package do not use on maple fretboards

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