If I get a bass, I shall learn on my own, without a teacher. How would I go about this. sites, tips info sites anything would do. Als, I already know basic theory (notes, how a scale is made up (ttsttts or summit like that) chords, root third fith, arpeggios,) different chord types like block, broken etc.) but what else would I need to learn theory wise?

So practical wise, I'd just copy off youtube vidoes, look for tabs, but I need a site that tells me about the differet types of scales, how to apply them to make a bassline, general bassline tips, and pretty muc heverything else.

Other than books, any1 got good sites which cover, well, pretty much everything on this topic?

Kinda like something in ddepth like justinguitar but for bass...

It'll be a challenge, so has anyone else done this? But, a challenge comes out with a reward, as they say
Also, this is just a general one, when I see an amazing player playing and slapping solo, obviously theyre not just belting out random ****, is it from a scale? if so, do they just use notes from the scale to improvise? and if they went out of the scale, owuld it sound bad, and can yuo change scales in a piece/solo/song.

That sites lessons are great.

Yes (maybe just chord tones), yes, if you were playing pretty fast most people wouldn't notice but the note would sound out of place at the least, i've never done it but presumably you can as long as you'd either stay in the same key or the song changes key or what-have-you.

I did the self taught thing for a while with sites and tabs 'n such, being in a band makes everything so much better though.
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