I'm still quite new to playing the guitar and I have a few questions about pedals and stuff

What do I need for using a pedal? Can I just plug it in between the amp and the guitar or do I need something like an external power supply?

Also, I'm using an Roland Cube and I tend to like it's distortion. I need to change between a clean channel and an distorted channel during songs quite often. Is there a way to keep the distorted tone from my cube and using a pedal as a switch between the two channels or do I need to buy a distortion pedal?

And, as an beginner, what are some good pedals to get started? I like to play metal and other music with a high gain distortion tone

Thanks in advance
well..most pedals have a spot for batteries..you can also use an adapter, but it isn't necessary...you just hook the cord going from the guitar into the input of the pedal, then another cord from the out put of the pedal, then repeat the process with as many pedals as you want, then from the last pedal's output, hook it into your amp..for metal..try the boss metal zone..its a great distort...if you like your amp's distortion, why not go on roland's website to see if they sell a channel switch pedal for your amp..if not, then yeah..go with the metal zone
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for pedals just plug in between guitar and amp and some use batteries or ac adapter and thats always included.with a roland you dont really need a distortion pedal