I am about to begin the process of building a strat. I am leaning towards getting a Wilkinson tremolo bridge for it but regardless of what tremolo I get this question still applies. For example, the Wilkinson bridge says it has a 2-1/8" string spread. Now, when I go to get a nut, does it matter what the string spread on the nut is or do they have to be exactly the same? I was told Graph Tech nuts are great with tremolos and the only preslotted nut I have found says 1-3/8" string spacing. Does this matter?

Also, what is the standard jack plate hole size? I'm on warmoth and its asking for a Side Jack Hole....what is that exactly? It gives the options of 1/2, 3/4, 7/8.
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the string spacing is wider at the bridge than at the nut
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You need to buy the nut that will fit in your slot. Either 1-5/8" or 1-11/16". American Strats usually have 2-1/8" spacing at the bridge, and the cheaper models have 2-1/16". Its up to you on the bridge, but you need to buy the nut that fits your slot on the neck.
Also about the side jack, thats only if you don't want to have a jack on the pickguard like a normal strat.
Oh alright, the jack part makes sense now. I think i'm going to buy a neck from wdmusic.com its this one as of now....

The nut I was looking at says this is it's dimensions...

1-3/8" string spacing, 1-11/16" x 3/16" x 1/8", 7-1/4" top and bottom radius

Good? Bad?
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You can have any string spacing you want at the bridge and the nut.

Are you building the neck? Make sure the slot for the nut matches the nut you but, e.g the nut you listed above has a curved bottom, so needs a curved slot. Personally I would always go with flat bottomed nuts, simpler.

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I'll probably just buy the neck, more than likely from the link I posted cause warmoth charges $75 on top of $157 for a clear satin finish on the neck and WDmusic has the same neck for $180 with a clear satin finish.
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Will that nut work with the neck I posted? I don't know if it has a curved slot.
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I would E-mail WD Music and ask them exactly what nut will fit the slot, that way you order the right thing.