hey guys.

i've got these pedals coming in the next few days. either from gifts or ebay purchases.

Boss TU-2 tuner
Boss Geb-7 EQ
Ashdown Dual Band Compression.
Tech 21 Tri A.C. programable distorion pedal. ( i got it for a redick low price so i had to take it. IK its not a bass pedal. or probably as good as the bass driver would be for me.)

but my question is what would be the best order.
my inital thought was tuner, eq, comp, dist.

any other suggestons?
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Bass ---> Compression ---> EQ ---> Distortion ---> Amp

thats the logical order.

If you put the EQ before the compression, the compressor would in effect dampen the EQing.
I choose to put the EQ before the distortion cause you already have a post distortion EQ in the form of your amplifer.

Tuner in tuner out unless you have a true bypassed tuner, which you do not.

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I would say to try compression before and after distortion, as apparently it can give very different results.

As for the EQ, I would say anywhere but last in the signal chain, unless you amp has a very poor EQ section. Experiment.
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There's no set order, but there's a logical one (i.e. chorus after distortion). However, with your pedals, there's all sorts of things that are functionally possible.

For example, I'd tune, EQ, compress (to smooth out the EQing), then distort. However, if your distortion does a lot to your tone, you might want to EQ AFTER the distortion and compress that.
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Just think to yourself, what do you want the pedals do to your sound? For example, do you want a distorted chorused tone, or a chorused distorted tone?

Compressed chorus or chorus compressed?
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well. its done.

in the sansamp manual it suggested putting it after compression and before. so the order is Comp, Dist, EQ.
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