Lol, i like it, but it's unfinished
I need ideas for an interlude/bridge and for a solo
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Not bad man, pretty groovy for sure.

I don't exactly have any ideas at the moment, but it's not bad. Some parts are kind of repetitive though.

I'd say 6.5/10 for the unfinishedness.
that was pretty relentless . thats good for thrash right, thats what you were going for?

id put a bridge after one of your verse grooves

for the bridge i would makea simple riff, and have one guitar play the riff while the second accents some of the beats with just accentuated powerchords.


guitar 1

guitar 2

the open strings would be palm muted gallops, and the second guitar would only play the first and last powechord, with heavy accentuation on both.

^thats what id do anyways. just an idea

for your solo, i dont really have any ideas... .
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I like this, it reminds me of ...And Justice for all album, but I'm not really a thrash guy most of the time so my opinions might be against what you want. The intro and V.G I like, but there seems to be something wrong with harmony in bar 21. At the pre-interlude, I don't really like the rhythm bit for some reason, but the riff is good, maybe just the F should be emphasised? Verse is good, pre-chorus is good, but maybe a bit forced when you go from the 2 riff to the 3 riff, then it pretty much repeats itself, good structure, not boring though.
My suggestion for the next bit would be a heavy half-time bit with the solo over it, I kinda put an idea on the end of the file just listening to it to see what I mean (the solos not proper)

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I liked it. Very "in your face" and the change of time signatures was used well. The cromatic 223223 part might have been better trem picked, but that is just kind of a personal preference thing.

If you want advice on the bridge and solo, I would start at bar 83, and I would change the tempo for a little variety. You could speed it up Slayer style or go half time, either would probably work. Even though it is unfinished, it had a lot of potential and I'm giving it an 8-8.5/10

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