Okay, I dont have much time to type this up, but seeing as how there is an extreme lack of information on The Vapors in general, there is an even greater lack on information of this man, Steve Smith. He had very Ric-sounding bass lines full of fillers. Im hoping for a discussion as to what he used besides an early 70's Ric 4001. Also, if there are any true The Vapors fans, please Pm me, for I have a project of sorts.

Just to make sure we're on the same page--these Vapors? Yes I'm a fan--I actually have both of their albums on vinyl.


Here's a whole discussion on Rickenbacker's forum.
They had such a brief career and unfortunately, at least in the states, got tagged as a one hit wonder. I love their second album "Magnets" more than "New Clear Days".

I actually pulled out both of their albums today and listened to them. Smith was another one of those great bass players that came out of that catch all genre know as "new wave". Another one of my favs of that era was Colin Moulding of XTC. There are dozens others on my list of that era as well, some who have drifted into relative obscurity.

There used to be a Swedish site on the band; however I think the link to the website is now dead. Good luck and let me know if you find anything else on Smith.
Is it just me, or is the lead singer one creepy looking mofo?

Can't say I'm a fan, but this song always makes me lol for some reason.

BeastEdit: I think that it's because I subconsciously associate the song with the movie "Beverly Hills Ninja" which is probably the first place that I heard it as a little kid.
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