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So I mean what do you guys practice everyday and for how long.

I hear a riff I like, I learn it.

Practicing scales and stuff is dumb... if you can't remember a 7-note pattern you aren't working your brain very hard.
I pick up a guitar and play. I dont have a schedule. I just play. It goes for half to maybe an hour. I get a little bored after a while and just do something else. but I can play for much longer if im into it
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I dont mind practicing scales. I dont think its boring. Plus its not like its hw. It helps in the when you play. I usually try to improve.
I just play when I want to play and what I want to play. I might pick up the guitar and do riffs and songs for an hour or I just practice and improvise with scales for an hour and a half. stuff like that.
I generally get an hour or two 3 or 4 nights per week, plus my 45 minute lesson once a week. On top of that, I usually noodle unplugged on the guitar every night while I'm watching TV, which to be honest, is where I usually wind up learning the most.
Like an hour or two on school days and three to five on weekends.
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Practicing scales and stuff is dumb... if you can't remember a 7-note pattern you aren't working your brain very hard.

The point of practicing scales is to get your fingers to remember them, not your brain.
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I average 2 hours a day of improvising and riff writing,this doesn't factor in the times when I'm just ****ing around and what not.If I find a particular area or technique that I'm having trouble with or that's getting rusty I play until I have it down good.If I'm inspired and have the day to myself I'll play 6 or more hours total though.


I try to learn a new scale every month, and i'll spend that month learning to solo with it. So every day i'll play the things my teachers set before me about 5 times each, then take a break and listen to something awesome. Then i'll go back and run my new scale for maybe... 30 minutes, and then i'll play whatever i feel like.
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work, 2 hours, eat, then i screw around. i spend the 2 hours specifically on technique cause screwing around is fun and keeps u fresh for all the things you've learned and you only get better but if i just screw around i don't learn anything new. i used to take lessons an hour Monday and Thursday for about 5 years on weekends i more just play when the mood strikes me
At school were I don't have much time, I usually write and play through several progressions (using various voicings and nuances) and then improvise over them.

When I have more time:
Petrucci's Rock Discipline
Song writing (applying newly learned theory)
Improvising (applying newly learned theory)
Song learning

I would say it takes a week minimum for me to get theory concepts down to the point of applying them without straining my brain (ie applying them and keeping feeling in the song)

The second routine usually takes around 4 hours.
45 minutes to an hour each day.

Right now Im trying to learn Should Of Stayed In The Shallows by Fear Before.

I usually warm up with some scales and some chord/power chord transitions.
on non school days-

wake up- get warmed up, play for a little while

through out the day- play for about 20 minutes about 5 times

that night- play for a good hour or two on something new.
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I warm up with scales, then do some simple exercises like patterns, arpeggios, alternate/sweep picking stuff. I do that for maybe a half hour to an hour, then I mess around and learn new songs.

I also have a couple books called guitar method 1 and guitar method 2 by william leavitt and I play out of those sometimes, although I have a hard time reading music for guitar so I don't like those books to much haha.

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I put my practice schedule in my blog, roughly 20 songs every day, I need to update it with some new songs I ve been playing, the list is about 2 months old.
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1. Grab guitar
2. Play

+1, I don't have a set regimen I just play what I feel like. Probably not the best method for progressing as a player but I have tons of fun.
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I hear a riff I like, I learn it.

Practicing scales and stuff is dumb... if you can't remember a 7-note pattern you aren't working your brain very hard.

Yeah to add to this I don't really like practicing scales, I just study and memorize them. They're not really practical or pragmatic because you never really play a scale in it's entirety, so what's the point.
Depends on how much time I have.

Lets say 2 hours to keep it simplified:
1:15 of playing and goofing off
45 of practicing scales which is broken down into
10 minutes alternate picking 3 notes per string
10 minutes of sweeping/arpeggios within a scale
10 minutes of legato, large intervals, string skipping
5 minutes of chords within the scale
10 minutes of improvising to that scale

I alternate guitars for the 45 minutes of practicing on a daily basis.
7 string to learn it
8 string to expand on it
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I play my 6 string for about an hour or two depending on the day and then i play my 7 string for about an hour. But sometimes it's reversed, i just play when i feel like it tbh, like most people. I try my best to average at least an hour a day.

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I have a warm up routine. Chordy stuff, licks, riffs, scale exercises, different techniques etc.
Then I usually play through a song slowly, then up to speed and begin to learn the next.
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Schedule? Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

If I feel like playing, I'll play until I can't be bothered any more. That's about it.
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Its not really much of an idea to make a specific 'time' to practise, because if your like me you try and think of excuses not to sometimes, but i have a guitar book that im following and im half way through it, i start at page 14 where the lessons start, and re do wat ive learnt already then continue on, so page 14 to 34 so far. Just revise what you've done, treat it like a warm up.
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I generally get an hour or two 3 or 4 nights per week, plus my 45 minute lesson once a week. On top of that, I usually noodle unplugged on the guitar every night while I'm watching TV, which to be honest, is where I usually wind up learning the most.


Same. I used to play like mad, 4-8 hours a day, everyday. But then when I finally developed a musical ear, I heard and realized how bad my amp sounds, so I stopped playing with it about 3 months ago. Still practiced like mad, though. However, now I don't even practice that much, because I can't really go anywhere. I'm able to play Holy Wars, and am at a decent skill level, etc. but I can't go further at the moment, because the strings on my guitar are about an inch off the fretboard, and anylower kills everynote below the 12th fret. Now I'm just noodling around mostly, waiting until March when I get a new guitar.

Something like, 2-3 hours of noodling a day.
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usually i spend about 20 minutes on scales, about 10-20 running through chords and another 20-30 sightreading. then i spend about 40 minutes working on a given solo from the charlie parker omnibook (first slow, then i speed it up). After that ill either work on transcribing something or learning a new song (melody+changes, and eventually improvisation). After that i spend about 10-20 minutes working on solfege, interval identification and dictation. Then i spend some more time working over songs I already know (usually with a play-along), or getting the song working on whatever Im learning. If i feel like it after all of that Ill work on some sightsinging, then write a bit if Im feeling inspired.
all and all about 3-5 hours, usually interspersed with breaks.