hey whats my best option for recording guitar with a 100 dollar budget. the guy at my local guitar store said het cant get me anything for under 250 dollars.
Honestly, get a job and save your pennies. You can get a cheap computer mic, but noone is going to want to listen to it.
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i mean if you stay away from sites that will link you to interpol.... uhhhhhhh many people who dont have the money get their stuff from torrents... but theres really nothing like the real thing bought

just a suggestion... not completely recomended.... save up your money like i did and buy ProTools with an Mbox 2 pro
I'm gonna have to say nothing, if you save money you will jump to a huge variety of products, now your stuck to horrible mics and audacity. Move up and get like a nice mic or usb then get like ACID pro, audition, cubase, etc.
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I know you can get it in canada, but i have no idea about other places. The Tascam TNT box is like... 110$ maybe, after tax, and it comes with a mixer into your computer, a limited version of cubase and one other recording program. So it's pretty good, i do some recordings with it, but i've never used it with my gigging amp, so i can't tell you whether its any good for professional recordings. seeing as your budget is only 100 tho, i don't think you're into professional stuff yet. I'd take a look at it.
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Save up more... Get a proper audio interface and then a mic like the Shure SM57
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There's a group of college guys in my area (Buffalo, NY) with a home recording studio, and they charge only $15 an hour. It's really helped out the local teen music scene. If you live anywhere close to Buffalo the name of the company is Parkhaven Productions.
I got a Boss BR 600 8 track and Magix Studio 2006. There are cheaper versions of Boss and Magix only cost me about 70.
Well I think you should save some money and get some good gear, but just in case, you might want to get yourself a Line 6 Toneport. The smallest version (Toneport GX) costs about $100 and comes along with POD Farm (mine came with gearbox, but i was able to download POD Farm too, so you should be able to get gearbox too). Anyway, its not the best option, but I am really happy with it, nonetheless good luck man.