Does anyone else here like W.A.S.P? Personally I think they were a great band back in their 80's hayday.
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Yes they were the diamond in the crap that eventually became glam/hair metal, after about 86-87 all the bands became way too pop driven.

Wild Child FTW!
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not particulary a fan of the band just love the name W.A.S.P or We Are Sexual Perverts to those who dont know haha
long live the name of Michael Schenker the god of the 80s rock
Awesome band on record and live. My favorite album is ''The Crimson Idol'' from 1992, perhaps the greatest concept album ever made.
W.A.S.P. is amazing they have so many great songs. Definatley one of the best hair metal bands up there with Dokken and Whitesnake.
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I like a few albums but never really got into them. Perhaps I should give those albums a few more spins
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Hell yea! wasp is amazing! I think crimson idol is my favorite song too. I love the tone on his guitar solos. It reminds me of Pink Floyd's comfortably numb solo oddly enough, but i love it!