if any of you have it and used both, whats the main difference?
new features? better RSE thats BT worthy?
or is it the same thing with just a .2 appended at the end.
the drums sound really nice on rse with 5.2 i dont think drums had any rse on the 5.1
Its pretty much the same thing. There are more RSE options and instruments, but not a mind-blowing amount. Some bugs in the software were fixed, but more were made. I'd get it just because It's more compatible with older GP files and 5.1 RSE doesn't really play nice with 5.2 RSE.
There are few differences, other than RSE drums and some bug fixes. Sub_urban12 is right, there are quite a few more bugs in the latter versions. I only say this because i've had both versions, and after upgrading I found that most of my music from 5.1 sounded horrible on 5.2. I've since then downgraded and everything is fine.

My advice: 5.2 is better if you are just starting out with Guitar Pro, but not if you already have 5.1.

Hope this helped.
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↑ thanks. yeah i been tabbing with 5.1 for about 2 years . the drums in 5.1 were horrible. did they rerecord the drum samples in 5.2 or is it the same?

if the rse in it is backing track quality, then im buying fo sho!
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