ok seriously now. uhh yeah. i need a band. any sort of metal/ hard rock ie. metallica, slipknot, skid row, green day, whatever. i can also scream abit so whatever you play, hit me up
Is going to see slipknot in march!!!
can you growl? like deathmetal/thrash
im in anaheim cali looking for a vocalist for my band,
we are mainly death/thrash/metalcore
but when we jam we play metallica and stuff

imma see slipknot and trivium in march too haha
its gonna be awesome!
aw man id take you up on that offer but im in northern california. not too close to aniheim
Is going to see slipknot in march!!!
aw man haha yeah my band is in need for a vocalist too, but alright that's cool i hope you find a band though so good luck