Heh, I decided to try out playing the intro of Master of Puppets with a violin bow. obviously, it doesnt sound the same, since I couldnt palm mute. Check out my other vids as well.

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Sometimes you win some, sometimes you lose some, but other times, you get some.
i think jimmy used it to make a different sound not just for the hell of it. wouldnt try doing that again, didnt sound that good
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The bow is my sisters', she plays the violin
Sometimes you win some, sometimes you lose some, but other times, you get some.
Jesus Christ on a bicycle! I made better sounds on the crapper just now.
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While I applaud your imagination and inventiveness, the violin really doesn't suit the song. Good luck in the future. (3/5 for effort and creativity)
waste of time, there is no valid question and you are advertising yourself, so.....

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