I'm almost finished a melodic/technical death metal thing I've been working on for a while. The only thing incomplete is the solo but its half done. Just looking for some feedback really. Thanks.
riff 1 has some weird parts but its pretty cool otherwise

thats the only beef is in the irff one part where (guitar 1) it goes 7 and then hits 8 its almost like a hiccup in the time
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Sounds cool, really liked Riff 6.

But yeah, Riff 1 is a bit weird, not in a good way. The incomplete tripplet (1st-fret) doesn't really work. What you should do is, delete the last tripplet note (1st-fret), and make the, what used to be; the second last note, a non-tripplet, a solid sixteenth-note. You get me? I tried it that way, sounded much better.

Been listening some more, and I'm really, really liking it! Should sound badass with some percussion!
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but i agree on riff 1. solo rocks so far.
i love the bass. and the sweeps!
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The whole thing just reminded me of Necrophagist. This is a very good thing.

I see what the others mean about riff 1 but it still works fairly well. Nice work.
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Thanks guys. I appreciate the feedback. I understand what your saying with riff1 but where its a weird riff this is the closest I've come to tabbing it accurately. I'll see if i can work it out. The part that I was most worried was the intro riff. It's fairly unusual so I wasn't completely sure if it fit or not.
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This is frustratingly (and suspiciouly) too similar to Necrophagist (specifically parts “Stabwound”, “Instestinal Incubation” and “Diminished to Be&rdquo for my taste... I say go back, and re-work some things simply because it's too many coincidances. I don't mean to offend or point the plagerism finger at you, but you should hear your song (along with both Necrophagist's albums) and decide weather it's worth it for you to have a song like this.
yeah that was awesome..

constructive criticism:

the Necrophagist influence is fantastic, but maybe a little too much. you should chuck in some elements that are unique to you as a guitarist, this way your stepping up the standard. think about how decapitated came up with thier style without ripping off anyone. now theres heaps of awesome bands that sound like necrophagist and decapitated etc, but the reason theyr the famous ones is because they played thier own style first!
but yeah, if you can pull that off on your guitar thats some nice work
That was great man, i love that riff that goes 111111111111 then on the next string 000000000000.
Keep it up!
I liked this song a lot, so one day I was bored and added drums for it. I'm not even a drummer, so I know It's not great, but just have a look at it, ok? Thanks.

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wow, i like a lot but i agree riff 1 especially 1b and 1c, they just dont fit with the rest of thw song. riff 6 is fantastic! I hope that if you record this you will allow the bass to shine through, but do it properly. it would be such a waste if it was unheard or just a rumble.

Ps the drummoing works well i think but could be a bit faster with more blasting in the parts where you just play the beat
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Seems close to Necrophagist. Too close for comfort.

The riff at bar 65 has gotta be the best part.

Twiddlies are fine and all, but I find them annoying as hell when overused (like chugging breakdowns).
Not accusing you of either.

It seems that the riff I mentioned and the 1st riff are the strongest ones throughout the whole song.
Everything else kinda blended together.
That's one of the main issues I have with Necrophagist too. WHich makes this is even moar reminiscent to them.

Sweeps at 92 are awesome.
Love what you did there.

You did a great job with the ending.

As usual, I'll use my trivial scoring system.
THis gets an 8/10.
Requires moar solo.

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