Basically consists entirely of prog metal. The exception is Star of Ash (sometimes called Starofash), who are the avant-garde/ambient project of Heidi Solvberg Tveitian. AKA Ihriel. AKA Ihsahn's wife.

Just FYI, some of the songs are quite long. Development (by Sepia Dreamer) is 19 minutes, Forgiveness in Rot (by Krallice) is 15 minutes. The others hover around the 5-9 minute range (with the exception of the Alchemist song, which is only 3:32).

The upcoming list:
DEC 26 nebiru
JAN 02 Snyper
JAN 09 Kepulix
JAN 16 webbtje
JAN 23 King ofKumbucha
JAN 30 tigerking615
FEB 06 Mudvayne_4_Life
good stuff
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fucking excellent, i need all the prog i can get. best metal genre out there.
I'm gonna try to keep this bumped so more people get the chance to listen, seeing as how my time got kinda cut short as a result of my going back home for winter break.