really nice. its easy on the ears and has a cool vintage (but not too much thankfully) vibe

maybe just add a different section though? it just seems like it repeats a bit too much. either that or just ditch the last verse and make the song smaller.

the quality of the recording itself is very well done (though i'm not really an expert on this)

just my 2 cents
i like it, although the solo in "long gone" is very rushed and gets ahead of the tempo...i dont know if that was just a one time thing, or if your lead guitarist has timing issues...either way, work it out between the guitarist and drummer

darkest hour is great, the vocals harmonize very well and the mellow guitar sounds great.
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Yeah the solo on Long Gone gets ahead of itself. It's a good song but work on that solo. I like how you guys have two singers. It gives you a nice contrast in the middle of songs, and Darkest Hour has good harmonizing and riffs, I think the drums would sound better calmed down like the guitar is though. Good job overall.

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Hey guys, You just made my christmas

Thank you very much for the critque.

I hear exactly what your saying about the solo section of 'long gone', In some places iv nailed the tempo then in others im of by a bit. It was done in a few takes, altho the takes were kinda rushed. We were just happy to be recording. That being said it'll just need some more practice for the timing to be spot on. Im still improving as a lead guitarist, so the more i can learn the happier i am.

I find it alot easier to follow the rythm guitar, rather than the drums, when playing the lead sections. Do you think maybe that could be a fault?

Darkest hour thank you very much guys, my aim in the guitar work was to keep the melody basic and not technical, have all the sections fit together, The two vocalist worked their charm on the vocal melodies and imo turned out better then we had ever hoped.
For thr drumming are you talking about a more basic beat/less rolls, or to turn down the mix of the drums on the track?

Thanks again guys, If theres anymore please do critque
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long gone is a nice catchy tune, simple is good. i really like the vocals how it trades of from singer to singer, nice melody also. i like the song alot, its better then i can do and its better then most of the crap people put on here. great job

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Just crit you back man, as i said i really like ur song, great guitar playing!!!

Posted 2 new tracks on the bands page,

They are called 'Adrenaline' and 'the 4am song'.
Any crit greatly apprieciated
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Great stuff. I wasn't a fan of the second singer though and it was a bit repetitive but over all it was a good song. The guitar really seemed to be in the background to much if you get what i mean. The vocals totally drowned it out.

Crit mine?

Hey man, just did, over all i like the two tracks i heard. Good work