Hey everyone, I am looking for a good software program to do what I need. I am looking for a program that can help me make my reggae/hip-hop beats. I would like to be able to take the drum sounds and put them together. Like snare and kick on beat one, on beat two hi-hat, etc. and have it put all together. Then be able to either record or do the same thing for bass. And then record the rest of the music and vocals. Is there anything out there like this? Cost isn't really my worry.
Well if you have the cash, getting a VSTi for the drum sounds and then a sequencer for recording and editing would be a good idea.
You could also invest in Sonar Studio such as 7 or the new 8 and get both in one package.
Session Drummer 2 comes with Sonar but the problem is its not geared toward hip-hop. Frooty Loops would be more ideal for that style.
Yeah, I've played with Frooty Loops a little bit and it sounds perfect for what you're wanting. It couldn't do the rock beats I wanted but it'd probably be perfect for dance/hip hop/techno.
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