I'm considering picking up one of these.

I'm wondering if it is a good fit for the type of music I play: Children of Bodom, Sinergy, Kalmah, Megadeth, Metallica, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Paul Gilbert, Malmsteen, Joe Satriani, etc.

I predominantly play heavy metal, but as you can see i do play some more classic stuff also.

Do any of you own the amp that play the same genres of music I do? Looking for general advice here about the amp, as I have no where near me to go try it out.

I've listened to a bunch of samples on youtube, and various other places, it sounds pretty badass, but I just want some first hand opinions on it.

Ill be playing a Jackson KV2 USA through it, btw.

Leme know what you think, and if you dont think its the best fit, send me in the right direction.

NOTE: I cannot go any higher in price, and I am using this as a bedroom amp, not to gig with, so not looking for heads/cabs or anything, combos only i think.

Jackson KV2 USA Snow White/Black Bevels
Engls are pure awesome, nicest amp i've ever played.

They're often described as marshalls on steroids, and are perfectly suited for metal, and should handle rock fine if you roll back the gain
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that is my favourite amp I've ever played through

don't have a dissimilar playing style from yours and I thought it was wonderful.

From what I can remember might be worth investing in an OD pedal if you don't have one. It doesn't have a ridiculous amount of gain on tap. But then I was playing it at a really low volume

Dopedit: Might have been playing a Thunder with the gain issues
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You will be able to gig with that beast, I suggest an attenuator for bedroom use to be honest.

Nice amp, really nice amp.
my friends just bought one the other day.
they're amazing man, sound so huge.
go for it, i'm 100% certain you won't regret it
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nice to hear.. thanks for the replies

well keep them coming I want to hear as much about this amp as I can.

I found a guy selling it used for 950, wasnt sure if amps were good to buy used, I guess the only thing that could go wrong with it is having old tubes?

what do you guys think
Jackson KV2 USA Snow White/Black Bevels
I have one and I love it! When I bought it a few years back I was heavily into the Metallica/Iron Maiden/Megadeth sort of stuff, and it's great for that. But it's also got gorgeous cleans, and the lower gain crunch & lead tones are also really good, and if like me you find yourself wanting to play a lot of different stuff later, you won't have to buy loads of pedals or change your amp.

Do it! DO IT NOW!!
i got one also and it will be awesome for those bands, but it is pretty bright, i never use treble over 5 or presence over 5

and it sounds awsome at all volume levels which is a big plus if youre going to practice with it at your home

and it does have loads of gain on tap, i use the gain at 5-6 when i play any metal with passive pups

its one of the best amps if one wants versatility
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yeah see I do play almost exclusively heavy metal, but i thought that the screamer was a good choice for me as it sounded as tho it could handle death metal, and also play relatively good cleans, and lighter classic rock etc.

thanks for the input everyone.

Any of you run it through an effects board or anything?
Jackson KV2 USA Snow White/Black Bevels
Ok so I have pretty much decided to pick one of these up.

Any last objections? Is there anything in the $1400 price range that better fits my taste? (refer to first post for genres im into)

Jackson KV2 USA Snow White/Black Bevels
I tried it and I was very very disappointed. I think the one I tried was badly biased or something. It sounded quite thin, and the distortion was all gritty and reminded me of an old man clearing his throat.

Maybe I just got to try a defective one, but it was brand new, in a respectable store.

I don't know why it sounded so bad.