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Al 2500 W/ 3 Humbuckers
3 14%
Al 3000 W/ Maple neck / Fretboard ( love that feel)
19 86%
Voters: 22.
Get the 3000, it's worth the extra cash. By the way, both of the links lead to 2500's.
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3000 fer sure, much better hardware and wood
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Quote by johnro6659
No offense but the Maple fret board looks like crap to me. LPs just look horrible with maple fret boards it's just a crime against nature. Get the same guitar with either Rosewood or Ebony other wise get the 2500 with H/H/H.

This is much better looking:



^That may be your OPINION but if the TC likes it then thats his decision and not yours to make. End of discussion.

Anyways I'd say go with the 3000, after all seriously: are you going to use all 3 humbuckers? Odds are you won't and if you like the feel of maple necks then the 3000 already has a plus up there. Plus if you really want variation you could always install coil-taps later down the line for the 3000.