Can anyone tell me which songs by whatever bands involve soloing during blast beats (or in the very least VERY VERY fast thrash beats)
Wow, you want a list of every song which has a solo during a blast beat?

EDIT: Just because I'm listening to it at the mo, Outnumbering The Day by Bloodbath
^ Yeah, there are a LOT of songs with blastbeats + solos simultaneously.

Deicide - Homage for Satan and a lot of Nile's songs come to mind since they're on my playlist at the moment.
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Uhhh... Slayer? Every other song has a "solo" during a blast beat. Ex: Cult by Slayer

Do u want it as a backing track, or as something to actually practice, cuz I do NOT recommend practicing anything by slayer (solo-wise). However, their riffs are very headbangy/cool.
Just listen to Brain Drill. Their songs are made up of soloesque wankery and ridiculously fast blast beats.
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