i want to get something to record my ideas. I'm going to run it through an interface on my computer, and record guitar, bass, vocals, and an electric drumkit.

i know very little about recording, so could someone help with some suggestions for me? I'd like to spend under $500 if that's possible.

thanks in advance!
I'd recommend:

- Emu 0404 USB is a good-quality, well-priced and simple interface
- AKG C1000 small-diaphragm microphone, versatile and great quality for the money
- A light version of Cakewalk Sonar

Might cost a bit more than $500, you could try some free software first to save some money, but you'd get really good results with it.
ZZounds has a Rode NT1A with stock mount for just $200


The EMU 0404 or PreSonus Inspire are both great but the EMU has MIDI connections and so I would suggest going with that over the Inspire as you can run your drums to the MIDI ports.

Cubase, Sonar, or Reaper are all good sequencers. I am a fan of Sonar but try some 30 day downloads and see what you like working on once you get your gear. I like Sonar due to its ease of setup when it comes to working with MIDI and they have some lower end versions of the software out there.

The NT1A will work for acoustic guitar, vocals, and even electric but if you have the cash, you may want to try a Shure SM57 for the guitar cab. Don't turn the guitar or bass amp too loud when micing with the NT1A. It's not made as tough as the SM57 or bass mics but it will work...Just keep it away from the amp a little more.

Also have a look over Tweak's Guide linked in my sig.
I'll second that, the NT1A is a great mic and as it has a large diaphragm than the c1000 it'll give a warmer sound which is great for vocals and acoustic instruments, but as moody says not so good for cab micing. The best here is, as moody says, an SM57 but the C1000 might be a good middle-of-the-road mic, still need to back off from the cab with it though.
well the kit i uses is quite cheap...i used an M-audio delta 44 with breakout box..got that second hand for 50...and my amp line out..altho ud probably b best gettin a pre amp like the M-audio audio buddy..u then got a choice then...have 4 inputs...phantom power etc...if ur gonna mic go for a shure sm-57...nothin less...