Recently bought an Ampeg svt 410hlf to go along with my ampeg 115. I had an acoustic b200 head but now I want to upgrade to something a little beefier. I play a lot of alternative rock, funk, and other very melodic sounding pieces. I was looking at the GK 700 rb-II head. Any opinions on it or suggestions for another head?
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Ashdown seems like it would match Ampeg fairly well, and should match the style alright. What sort of tone do you normally use?
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Youll need to sell the 4x10hlf. Its a 4 ohm cab made to be used on its own. The 1x15 is 8 ohms. You eitheir need to get rid of the flf and get another 8 ohm 4x10 or get rid of the 1x15 and use the hlf on its own.

Ashdown and hartke are two of my favourites at the moment and should get those tones nicely. The hartke more probably.
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