Has anyone had any "dude where's my car" moments. Where you just wake up after a night being wasted and have random things or stuff happen.

One time i woke up with a hangover and had a palm tree in a pot next to my bed, i have no idea where I got it.

Anyone have these moments?
One time I woke up and Jimi Hendrix was in my shower.
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My friend "lost" his car key after school once, so I was stuck there till his mom came and we went to get a new key at the hardware store. His mom makes him pay for it and as he's getting out his wallet the key falls out.
One time I woke up and wondered where my car was.

Several hours later I realized I didn't have a car.

I then don't know where the hell I got the car I was driving when I had that realization.
i got wasted one night, and ended up sleeping in my porch with my coat as a blanket and the rug as a pillow.

quite cosy
Don't get me started on alcohol and parties.
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i woke up, got downstairs to find a teapot that i'd never seen before on the kitchen table with mud in the spout.

apparently we'd found it in someone's front garden on the way home?

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I woke up wearing my roommates Girl Scouts uniform. There are pictures somewhere, but I don't know who has them.
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woke up on top of a hot tub and didnt know where the hell i was, i was just like "meh fvck it, whiskey will get rid of this hangover" and got another drink, i figured out that i spent the night at my buddies when I saw a buddy on the couch with the dogs ass next to his face
I woke up at 2 in the afternoon after a party, covered in mud and dirt and sleeping in my bed with my clothes on. I had the worlds worst headache. apparently I went back out to drink a fifth of whiskey and fell in the same stream three times on the way back. When I got to my house, I fell down my basement steps and just lay there giggling to myself as my friends stood around me wondering what to do.

I remember nothing from that night.

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One time I woke up and my guitar was playing "smoke on the water" by itself.

that happened to you too?
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Woke up in some driveway in a neighborhood I've never been to before. I only woke up because the owner of the house opened the garage door as I was leaning on it.

I felt kind of bad. I eventually found an area I knew, but my friends never told me what happened.
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i got wasted one night, and ended up sleeping in my porch with my coat as a blanket and the rug as a pillow.

quite cosy

You slept IN your porch?
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well this has nothing to do with drugs, but i was sleepin at a friends house n i woke up in the middle of the night and i though my body was a f*cking square it was wierd lol
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well one time at a friend's house i woke up and was still pretty drunk from the night before. i had some drawings on my face and i couldn't remember what happened the night before, except for waking up a couple times after it felt like someone was drawing on my face, but then i'd pass out right away again.

let's just say my friends that were there call me the racist kitty cat almost every time i go over there, and it happened to me twice now so i gotta stop passing out over there.
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well one night after drinking more than i remember and bar hoping i woke up the next day in a park downtown
i took the bus right to work since i still had my uniform from yesterday with me. when i told my story i became known as the guy that passes out in downtown.
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I remember waking up to see my hand "accidentally" on my friend's crotch area after we shared a bed. That was quite awkward.
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I remember waking up to see my hand "accidentally" on my friend's crotch area after we shared a bed. That was quite awkward.

OH DEAR GOD!! This reminds me of an epic story where no alcohol or drugs were present.
it was my friends like, 13th birthday party and there were 4 people so 2 people had to share the bed, naturally he got it and we had a super smash bros. tourny for the other spots, after i cheated and made the kid i hated and still dont like sleep on the floor my friends got into bed together, as a joke one of them used their finger to make it look like he had his penis out, but i didnt believe him so i said "Devin, it's just his finger grab it and you'll see" turns out it was actually his penis and i made my friend grab another friends penis.
So me and my friend got tatoos on our backs whilst we were wasted. Mine said "Sweet" and his said "Dude".

So whilst we strippin butt-nekkid, I saw his tat and exclaimed "DUDE! You got a tatoo!". Then I turned around and he saw mine and exclaimed "SWEET! You got a tatoo!". I asked him what mine said, and he all he said was "Sweet!", so I told him, "I know it's sweet, but what's it say?". And he kept on saying "Sweet!".

Then he kept asking me what his said, and even though I told him it said "Dude", he still kept asking me what his said...
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i woke up at four in the morning in my car looking at the front of the bar and couldnt find my car keys so i started walking home which ended up being like five miles away. i took a dump in some guys yard on the way home. when i got home i found my brother passed out on my couch with my keys in his pocket. he was so wasted he didnt realize he had my keys and thought i had left the bar. that was a rough hangover
Me and some mates were staying at my friends house.
Two people fell asleep and the rest snuck out.We found a goldmine of air fresheners (you know the ones shaped like a christmas tree),so the people that stayed woke up covered with air fresheners.
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Woke up one night after a party on a beach 25 km from the party. Another time i woke up went to the shower and had a double bubble comic strip on my ass. I've woken up on a giant slab of slate that had been loaded onto a quarry truck. And my favourite is the time i woke up with no clothes on and a wah pedal for a pillow in the middle of my buddys kitchen.
Well, this one time I woke up and I saw a grocery bag on the end of my bed with donuts and ketchup in it. I was duly confused.

Another time I found a package of hot dogs in my coat pocket. I took them out and put them on my floor and forgot about them for like, two days or so. So my mom found them and was like "Why were there hot dogs on your floor" and I was like "Oh, well they were in my coat pocket " and walked away.
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Me and my friend woke up with hangovers and no memory of how we got to his apartment. The house was filled with containers of pudding, and there was an angry message from our twin girlfriends on the answering machine. We left home to find the car missing, and in it were our girlfriends' one year anniversary presents. I felt bad, but kinda laughed when my friend said "Dude, where's my car?"
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your sarcasam amuses me

multiple times i have looked for my phone while i was talking to somebody on it....
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At my friend's sister's party back at the end of May, I ended up buying ecstasy, and taking it before I sobered up. That night, my buddy and I went to some random girl's house, (A girl whom we had met at his sister's party, but never seen before that), and four of us shared her bed. I kept her awake by constantly opening and closing my phone, occasionally sending texts to people that never responded. Somehow, the other two guys fell asleep and slept into the early hours of the morning. Her and I didn't get a single wink of sleep.

The whole "WTF" part about this whole thing is that I am so strongly against drugs when I'm not piss drunk
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I read that as "Dude Where's my cat?" and I thought, in my lap.

Yeah nothing else to say, really.
This happens on a weekly basis. Arguably the tops are when I woke up to find a broken window in my house (I had broken it by falling down a flight of stairs and through it), and when I woke up to find a "Caution Wet Floor" sign in my room, with my signature and "BAC = .18" written on it. Apparently I had been running down the street with the sign when I was stopped by cops. They let me go after breathalyzing me, and they even let me keep the sign. I know this because they forgot to give me my driver's license back after they checked my record. I had to pick it up at the police station the next day and I talked to the cops. I wasn't charged with anything, they just forgot to give it back... Oh yeah, and I knew to go pick up my license because the police called me saying they had my driver's license at the station. That was my wake up call, and I had no idea what happened, if you can imagine what that'd be like.
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