I have an ash stratocaster hss and I want to replace the pickups so it can play hard rock, but still can get that famous strat tone. I'm thinking of putting a dimarzio super distortion in the bridge, but I'm wondering what to do with the single coils, and if anyone has a better idea for the humbucker, that'd be great also.

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so.. what is the question?

you didn't make it clear.

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You're best off looking through the manufacturer's websites and listening to the soundclips of suitable pickups. (Note, that isn't what your guitar will sound like, it's what it could sound like).
Once you've narrowed the field down (there are a lot out there...) search the web for reviews or better yet try to find a guitar shop you can try the pickups at.
You were going for a Blackout (I think) so why not just look at the SD site for a similar passive pickup?
If you're after a particular tone (and bear in mind the amp colours the tone more than the pickup but you can mess with an amps eq settings whereas you can only alter pickup tone so much) then you could try PM'ing CordurouyEW as he sells hand-wound custom pickups (probably for a lot less than a stock SD) and can give you exactly what you're after (and is very helpful). Almost forgot, 10% discount for UG'ers.

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