So about 8 months ago I bought a Peavey Cardioid unidirectional 40$ microphone,
and for about 5 months after that I'd plug it either directly into my 15w line 6 spider
for practicing vocals at home, or every once in a while plug it through a mixer
into a 1x15 bass amp at band practice.
So a few months ago it stopped working, I figured it was the crappy cable that came
with the mic.
Today I bought a new mic cable, and plugged it into my line 6 spider, and its still not working.

So I'm wondering if you guys know what could be wrong, or if anyone could link me to
a troubleshooting website or something of that sort?
google didn't help at all.

Oh, and it has an on/off switch if that helps in any way.
And I will admit I didn't treat it perfectly. I've tapped on the head
often, and ive done a bit of mic swinging with it.
How do I open the microphone though?
There's a screw near the output end of the mic, but when I unscrewed it,
it just made the 3 prongs go loose.
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Whats the exact model of your mic? You should be able to unscrew the top of the mic. But I'm not sure what kind it is.
Well I can unscrew the windscreen/metal mesh head part of it.
Its a PVi2.
And its Dynamic if that changes anything.