Well after some youtube clips and some clips on the Line 6 Website im really liking the guitar, although three things are bugging me. First off how i the trem, is a dive only or can you also pull up (forgot the term)? Also how far down can you tune w/ out having to adjust anything? and last but not least can they really get this really distorted tone (look for humbucker drop-tuning).

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Dont buy into that crap, Theres plenty of other nicer guitars out there that sound great are more appealing to the eyes then a variax. But to answer your questions

1) I am not to sure about the specs, but Im pretty sure The trem cant be pulled because its not a floating trem.

2) You should aways adjust your guitar when you tune differently aka, set the intonation and adjust the truss and fix your action accordingly.

3)If its in the demo, Im pretty sure it can sound like that if you have the right gear.

I suggest you spend your money on something better tho.