hey guys i just bought a boss gt 10 today, its all great and stuff but i dont really find any of the presets very suited to the sound i want.

the type of sound i want is a very fluid distortion sound, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2yNsCdbLd8&feature=related, something along that line (lol i am not a herman li fan but i love the sound in that video).

if anyone can help me out on how to use the gt 10 to get that sound, it will be really great.

Why, Why, WHY did you buy it then?!

Seems everyone buy stuff when they have never heard it, or just because it has a brand name.
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o_o Didn't you test it out before you bought it? Where's the logic in spending 500 dollars on something you don't even like?
Speaking as a previous owner of the GT-10, Ultimately, you're NOT going to get the tone you are looking for (especially for metal). Please realize that in the 30 day return policy window so you're not out $500.
Take some time and play around with the preamp settings, and try everything out. Read the manual and learn to use it.

I've created a decent Mesa Rectifier tone on mine.

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well of course the presets arent gonna be that great, your gonna have to learn how to make your own.

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is there any websites or anything to download patches and learn to make tones? the mannual is great but it would be nice if i had more sources..