i've got an xbox 360 and i am just wondering what games i should get for it that are really awesome. (already have halo 3 and gta 4)
mirrors edge.

and there's a gaming thread.
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download DOOM on the arcade... Great success.
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Viva Grand Theft Halo Cry 2 Edge
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Isn't it a little late to be making this decision?
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Fable 2
Fallout 3
Gears of war 2

I've heard mirrors edge sucks
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COD world at war
Far Cry 2
Left 4 Dead

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Isn't it a little late to be making this decision?

thats what i was thinking when i saw this thread
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I've heard mirrors edge sucks

ever played it though ? it's a good game with a good storyline, but after you beat it the only thing left to do is time trials which get pretty redundant. that's the only downfall.
i used to be a mod, then i took an arrow in the knee.
Gears 2.
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Download Castle crashers on the arcade
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Left 4 Dead!
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World at War - I reckon its better than COD4
Battlefield Bad Company - Awesomeness
Gears 2 - Awesome
I've heard good things about Left 4 Dead aswell

Dont get Far cry 2, I've got it and it gets way way way too repetitive, drive to the place take out the guys and then come back. It's good but its only really playable once and the MP isn't spectacular either