Little song I wrote today. Hope you dig it. I'd love to know what you think.

There's a blizzard
There's a blizzard on my lawn
The sun was out once
But this morning it was gone
There's a woman
There's a woman in my door
I used to love her
But I don't know her anymore

Nothing's left here
Nothing's left but sinners' prayers
I know there's hope now
But I can't see it anywhere
I never believed
I never believed in much but you
You and your touch
But I guess that has left me too

(insert instrumental interlude here)

Heroes ride out
Heroes ride across the field
Where beasts wander
And they run too fast to yeild
I want to help them
I want to help them to their homes
But if I have to
I think they too should be alone

There's a poison
There's a poison in my veins
I don't want it
But it's nice of it to ease the pain
And there's a preacher
There's a preacher in my room
Yelling at me
Talking hate and talking doom
There's a preacher
There's a preacher in my head
Feeding my mind
Feeding my mind wine and bread

(i'm thinking an organ solo here would be cool)

Poison's flowing
Poison's flowing through my vent
I've been evicted
I don't have the love to pay the rent
Now there's a woman
There's a woman in my door
She once was so sweet
But she's not like that anymore

Something's broken
Something's broken in the air
I'd love to fix it
But sometimes I don't even care
There's a woman
There's a women in my door
I want to save her
But I don't care much anymore

There's a woman
There's a woman in my door

There's a woman in my door
yo dude, cool song! The best of the 3 i've looked at today. Not so sure about verse 3(with the heores and beasts) but maybe i'm just too dumb to see the symbolism. The rest of the song is pretty sweet tho, I especially like the reference to preacher talking doom (i was forced to go to catholic school)
work on that third verse and you're golden(as long as the music is good ofcourse)