So I have a Boss DD-7 delay pedal and was debating on the purchase of a phaser. I watched some demos of the phasers on youtube and they seemed to produce a similar sound to what I can get out of the DD-7 with some tweaking. Am I right or are my ears just not trained? I was looking at the MXR 90 and the Boss PH-3. What do you think is better?

A delay does not make a phaser sound. if you tweek it right you can make a delay have a somewhat cohrus-y/reverb sound.. which is probably what you're mistaking it for.

And, that being said.. get a small stone
I have a phase 90 and a DD-7
They go well together, i just love my dd-7 and base my whole trippy sound around it
althought the Phase 90 is a noisy pedal as far as its switch
its really between the phase 90 and the small stone
i've owned the ph-3, i thought it was garbage, i have the phase 90 and it rules
but i've heard a lot of people like the small stone, but its more of a preference thing
btw realrocker/ts, how do you guys like your dd-7's?
i'm getting one for christmas
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I like the DD7 alot. It takes a little bit of time to get it dialed in nicely, but thats only because it comes with so many ways to adjust it.