First off, i am 17, and i've been a fan of NIN since i was about 14.
and i always wanted to see them. well Lollapalooza came around this year, and guess who was headlining it??!?! NINE INCH NAILS! (also with Rage Against the machine, which is another one of my favorite bands!) and i live in chicago, so i basically sed to a budy of mine "were going to lollapalooza"

so we were in the front row at first, but crowd surfed out cuz ppl were retarded. and we got back to where it was pretty close to the front. and i looked around, and there was NO kids my age anywhere to be seen, it was probably the original NIN fans, but i mean, it was crazy!

basically, i was jw, how many of you have witnessed the miraculous spectacle that is seeing NIN live?!? where and when? wutd u think?!?!

oh, and here are some videos i took wen i saw them:




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Saw them a couple years back, Queens of the Stone Age opened. I had no clue what I was in for...NIN was phenomenal.
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