Unfortunately it was a recording from just the camera so there is some mild clipping, but it's not too bad.

Edit: Oh and apparently this song is actually named something else. I guess Mustache Train Tracks was a different song.
Well, it's hard to hear, but that's not your fault, it's just the camera. From what I could hear, it sounded really good. The guitarist sitting on the right is really good, he solos a lot in the song, which from what I can hear sounds good and goes well with the rhythm on the left. The drummer is very good and on beat as well. You guys kept it smooth and clean, so it sounds real nice! Good job.
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thanks for the crit
one of the more interesting songs on this site. the guitars were both pretty tight, some of the solo's had some slightly off patches, but for the most part they were pretty nice, especially for a live jam. bit hard to hear because of the camera mic, but i noticed you had some mics set up, so if you get around to recording the song let me know and ill give it another listen!
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