Hey guitarists,

This video has me playing the piano, flute ; ), bass guitar, and both rythem and solo guitars. Kind'a hard to do at the same time eh? Well, just check out the vid. : )

The solo is slightly flubbed in 2 parts, but hey. If I was in a studio I'd just reRecord it, but since this thing was "live", I just left it as is.

Hope you enjoy it!


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Nice, you did the bass w/ the piano?

A few note song wrong during the solo but still sound very good.

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Thanks man

Yeah, a few wrong notes. lol, it was fun though.

I did the bass with piano. On the "bass" tone. lol, it sounds ok. I can only video overlay so many things with my crappy vid maker. ; )
Great job, i would like to hear the pinches more. You seemed to get the bends but not the pinches out. Solo was great, wrong notes dont matter and makes it more real. Only thing that bothered me a little was the tone. Too muddy, i like a nice clean tone especially for Zakk's riffs.. All in all awesome job
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Pinches eh? Yeah, the rhythm guitar is to high. And I wasn't able to split the channels between them. So they are a little drowned out. lol, they are there though. :P

Muddy eh? Yeah, the timing is off on the video overlay. I'd say by .01 or .02. It gives it that deep mud stuff. lol, that's what you get when you use free software. lol
Dejvik that was Awesome!!!two thumbs up from the American Judge!!
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Very well done I quite enjoyed it.
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