I'm in college and I'm trying to figure out how I can balance music and college. Since I can't be in a band right now, what can I do during the Summer as far as performing music solo. Any ideas are welcome...
go to music college.

or drop out.

or do what i did,

Drop Out, then go to music college.
maybe do some acoustic work? cause that tends to work better solo, then electric. sorry if thats no help. also, you could work on your technique, learn a new style, just practice alot?
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I'm sure it's possible to be in a band while in school if you manage your time properly. But if not, I suggest playing at your on-campus coffee house or something. My school recently opened a little lounge thingy and musicians and stuff can play there if they sign up. Maybe your school has something of that nature?
major in music? thats what Im doing, and I have all the time in the world to practice the guitar..
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honestly if you cant find time to do other stuff in college other than study you arent doing something right. i am studying engineering and as long as i time manage well i have plenty of free time to practice guitar and hang out with friends. if you are doing work all day then you arent getting the full college experience.
I have my acoustic with me at school. I write as much as free time dictates, and then record full band arrangements when I'm on break or home for the weekend. I've been in a couple bands though. If you can find a place to practice at, there's nothing stopping you from being in a band and in school.

And during the summer, play as many open mikes and acoustic gigs as you can. A couple summers ago I played in the orchestra for a local theater production.
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i usually take my acoustic to school w/ me, a surprisingly large amounts of my friends play music. also made friends in the music production classes, offer to help them out if they need it
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When you say i bring my acoustic to school, or have it with you at school, you mean you live on campus and you brought it with you... right?


I plan on majoring in music, in which i will NEED a guitar and keyboard to study....

I think when majoring in music finding time to study AND practice isn't a challenge since they go hand in hand... what I hope for anyway