Okay, I've been searching for amps for a long time making sure to pick the very best one for me. I finally decided to get the B-52 AT 212 but now it looks like its been discontinued. Now I am wondering if I should still buy it (and I'm wondering if you can even still buy them).

So, I was wondering if I should get the B-52 or look for another. The amp would have to be tube, preferably a 2x12, not a half stack. The problem with having a 1x12 is that when I crank up the volume, the sound coming through the amp sounds worse and worse. I would be using the amp for home use, maybe some gigs now and then. Must have a nice clean, and a good distortion. My budget is from 500-800$ I'd probably be using the amp distortion without pedals so the distortion must be good.

And I'm going to be buying the amp on like Guitarcenter or Musiciansfriend, so don't post anything telling me to get a used 5150 off ebay. I dont want a used amp!

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Bugera 333

careful with them though. they have known reliability issues. as far as I know they have pretty good tone and all though.
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Used amps open the best tone:price ratio.

There is the 1x12 version of that B-52 for $360 new. It is plenty loud.

What amp are you experiencing this bad tone as you turn up the amp?

Vox ad50 vt
i hear the bugeras are good like 333/333xl or 6260/6262 but yeah what that dude said about the $360 b-52 at-112

i saw a video of some kid playin the b-52 at-212, and it is AMAZING
im not sure if the 112 is as good though
Dude, the B-52 AT-212 is an amazing amp, why not get it used?
(If you do though, make sure its a newer model though)

I still say go with the AT-112, thats what I plan on doing.
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