Metallica I know doesnt just put raw vocals into their songs, listen to one of the rockband vocals only versions on youtube, they are highly effected, all i know is you need a good mic, a preamp, and some form of compression, but what else? How do you get a studio tone from my house??!
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Worked for Malmsteen.
i was messin around with a mic, digitech rp80, and guitar amp and found that reverb adds a good metallica tone
I think it's cool whenever people do little short screams and they put a little delay on it so it kind of echoes
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I believe a at least a little bit of reverb is applied to most vocal tracks, regardless of style of music. I heard that from some tech.

Pretty much. It enhances the vocals so much. Obviously they dont pour it on, you don't want it to sound like you're singing in an empty tunnel, but a bit really does just add a lot to the overall sound.

Other than that, I think a lot of the metal tone is really about the raw sound of your vocals, more than it is about it having anything added to it.

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