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your face in a peacock's feather
by DigUpHerBones

i saved an ocean today
that shared your insecurities;
do you think i'm too deep?
god, i hope my fault-lines aren't showing.
i was the hand of reassurance
at the cost of held breath
and falling eyelids,
but it's a shame nobody told me
that i didn't have to float face down.
a cast net in the vastness of
such unstable grounds
where closed eyes can bring only blessings.
i couldn't see past a couple of weeks,
but i knew i'd eventually find the exit.
give me two words and i'll wish for your death,
give me a name and i'll call you a friend.
guilt is not an issue,
faith is not a virtue
and back alley's will always cast a perfect light
on the modern family scene.
you said they stole your heart
to fill a fresh water aquarium,
but i hardly think your heart
could fill a fresh water fish bowl.
neither would be suitable to support life anyways
so maybe you and i share the same fate
of sharing nothing at all.

Monday, 15 December 2008
by: Bassbeat77

a figure left
on the sofa
lies gently
the posters
golden glitter
spread over
chiseled ribs
down pasty thighs
the empty
hoping to be filled
with strength
and to once catch
a girl's eye

now left
loosely tied
to lanterns
that lie
on the edges
of the sofa
a backstage
wearing petticoat red and
ballet shoes of blood
longing for the lycra
to fit tighter
to a different kind
of figure


he could do the two step
if only there
weren't just the
one body
one head


waiting for the
big lift
left lonely
with no one
to dance with.