First time buyer here with pretty much no knowledge of what makes an acoustic guitar good.. I can only play

So I went to my local guitar store today and tried out a bunch of guitars, and the only ones within my budget (they specialize in Martins) that I liked were the Martin 000X1 ($499), Epiphone Masterbilt EF-500MNS (on sale for $420), and some seagull guitar ($320). What do you recommend? I liked the feel of all three of them, maybe the epiphone a tiny bit more. What should I be looking for in them? Should I rule out the Martin because it's not solid wood?

The one thing that I'm worried about is the sound, though. I'm looking for a smoother, I guess darker sound like with Kotaro Oshio, and not the twangy metallicy countryish sound that lifeson has here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kAUHfHnLxVQ Eh you can tell I don't really know what I'm talking about. Is it just in the strings?

i dont know a thing about epiphones but i know their acoustics and their masterbuilt series is good.

i know seagull s6 is also real good.

martins not in the d-15 + ($1000+) category are subpar weak stuff. don't bother with them.
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ok martin's out then :/. I guess that leaves me with the epiphone

Should I be worried about the tone that much?
what else would you be worried about if you werent looking for tone?
Schecter Diamond Series C-1 Elite
Roland Cube 30x
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I can't really hear it well at the store though, they don't section the acoustics off like in guitar center. i guess i'll just have to see wait until a day when not many people are in there -_-
i'm waiting until after christmas sometime, and then i'm goin down to the guitar center in dallas and looking for myself a new acoustic too. i think the tone is in the wood/body/build of the guitar, rather than just the strings.
The masterbilt is your best bet of what you mentioned. I would also look at Stanford or Blueridge Guitars. Get a solid wood guitar and not a laminate. Recording King is another brand that is decent.