Poll: Will you donate your organs when you die?
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View poll results: Will you donate your organs when you die?
38 75%
13 25%
Voters: 51.
Subject one: The new Will Smith movie, Seven Pounds, was incredible! I just got home from seeing it with the GF-izzle, and damn, that movie changed how I see life. I plan on donating blood asap, and I'm already signed up to donate organs when I die. It really is amazing how much you could change someones life by giving them what you don't need any more.

Anybody else see it yet? ...if you haven't, HIT DAT **** UP!

Subject two: For the poll, will you donate when you die?
Will I? Kneeslapper!
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Let it be known that I concur with everything this gentleman says, ever.

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Yes. I'll be dead, I won't be needing them for anything...

This, there is nothing after death for me therefore I'd like someone else to benefit from them.
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The worlds fu cked up and we lit the fuse, its all used up what you gonna do?
I'm gonna donate my useful organs and have the rest of my remains cremated and spread across the smoky mountains.
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no, i was born with them, they're mine...i'll be damned if any one of you try to take them, mother f*ck*rs...
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No, what the hell do I care about the world after I die. My perception will be gone.
I probably will. I won't need 'em, zombies only need the brain to survive.

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no, because then someone will kill me to legally acquire my organs

Oh ya cause that happens all the time.

I would also.Donate that is.
Yeah I'll get around to that organ donor list sooner or later. I'm 19 and I've donated blood twice so far, both times I almost passed out, but whatever, I'll probably donate again, what's a little tunnel vision compared to saving someone's life.

And they want me to be a bone marrow donor too...but I'm scared, I heard that stuff is one of the most painful experiences ever..
lol no.

1) I am a misanthrope and would rather people die then get my organs. I hate all people.

2) My organs will be too damaged when I die. My kidney/liver are probably ****ed from the drinking and my lungs are definitely ****ed from all the smoking I do. I chainsmoke like 3 packs on some days..

3) Natural selection. If your organs are messed up and you're dying it is your fate. 100 years ago do you think people could just get a transplant? No. Technology may save lives but at what cost? There is an equal and opposite reaction to almost anything. The law of equivalent states.
guys who said no. Like wtf why not you're dead u dont need them anymore so give it to people and kids who are dyeing from loss of organs to save their life.
Not only will I donate my organs, my will also says my piano goes to whoever wants it first.
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