Hey, I'm getting my first real guitar and I'm between a Fender Strat (made in Mexico) and an Epiphone Les Paul, they seem around the same price-wise. From what I've heard, the pickups make the Les Paul better for heavier playing, whereas the Strat is more versatile and is especially good for blues and whatnot. Judging by that, I'm planning on a Strat, but are there any other things I should know before buying it?
Les Paul's are very common in blues as well. I think you should play both before you decide, as they are 2 completely different guitars. Both have there advantages. And I would go with a good Squire before a mexico strat.
dont go for a squire. they arent bad for beginners, but it would be best to buy a mexican strat, or a used one. used would be your best bet
well since you're a beginner the strat would a good choice, but seeing as you can get a good epiphone les paul then that seems like a better idea guitar-wise.
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Why limit yourself to those two brands? There's dozens of guitar manufactureres.

Also, nake sure you buy a decent amp too.
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I have an epiphone les paul, and i love it, but the thing is, though its part of the gibson family, its still a knockoff, the fender is the real deal. that being said, its up to you
yeah, I agree with fdawg and steven, play a loooooot of guitars, don't know if you have a big store near you? but I have this big guitar shop near me, so every now and then I go there and just take something off the rack and try it, even if I know I won't ever buy it. You know, guess you can look at it from different sides. Go for tone, and just learn to play on it. Go for playabillity. Or go for brand. I'm a real Ibanez fan, and I know the brand is good for me. So I usually look in the Ibanez options, and check them out! Also keep in mind that if you're going for a sound of your favorite player, it's really hard to get that sound, and not really origional either, so don't let others tell you to buy or don't buy something. Good luck man! Cheers!
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Have you played them both? Go to a guitar center or another guitar store and try them both out, see for yourself

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The quality of MIM Fenders blows Epiphone right out of the water.