okay well i plan to buy some sort of pedal supply for my board
the pedals i have are

crybaby wah
banshee talk box
bs-2 noise suppressor
bad monkey
pod xt live

and i wanted to know what are some good ideas to include all of these types of pedals with a pedal supply. ive looked at the dunlop and gator ones but dont know if the xt live will hook up to it.
suggestions and opinions would help
im not too sure about the XT live, whether it may need its own adaptor. I think the DC brick comes with larger power outputs one of which may work with the XT live but im not sure. You could try a voodoo labs power supply for the other pedals though. voodoo labs are said to be pretty good
yeah thats what i was wondering
i remember reading somewhere that one did supply the xt live i thought but i cant remember which one that was if it was even true