I am aware that this kind of thread has probably been done before,
but i'm asking in relation to my guitar, the Ibanez MTM2 (Mick Thompson Sig)

It has an Ibanez V7 pickup in the neck and a V8 in the bridge. I'm looking at replacing them with Seymour Duncan AHB-1 Blackouts. I imagine guitar techs would be quite expensive, so me and my dad are planning on doing it ourselves. He has soldering experience, and knows a bit about electronics.

I have the wiring instructions


Apart from there being limited space in the back of the guitar, is there any reason why this wouldn't work?

I really know nothing of this stuff, but i have a few doubts.
Changing from passive to active pickups. is there any extra switches needed or anything? I've heard that changing from passive to active you need a different jack.

The purpose of this thread is just to get your opinions on if this would work fine?

Thanks in advance,
when changing from active to passive, the only thing you would keep is your Selector switch.
i recently got EMGs im my les paul, and the pickups came with new pots and a new jack.
you need a stereo jack, and certain pot frequences for the pickups to work correctly. normally you would have for example, 250k or 500k pots in a regular guitar. as far as i know, my EMG's use 25k pots.

but if the blackouts come supplied with everything you need, you should be fine, as long as you follow the diagrams.
good luck, hope i helped.

EDIT: passive to active**
A certain Death, it is resistance, not frequencies but you were right about everything else.

The only part that will stay in the guitar is the switch, though the blackouts might come with a new one. The new one will not be any different the one already in there, I would stick with the original. I recently installed a set of EMG SA's into a friends guitar, and used the supplied switch, and found out that the switch was too big to fit under the pickguard when I put it back together so I had to switch the old one in.

A stereo jack is needed so that when you unplug the guitar, you battery is disconnected, so that you are not constantly draining the battery. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR GUITAR PLUGGED IN. You never should anyways, but especially not with active pickups as it will drain your battery. I would be inclined to put the battery in that cavity where the jack is. I always tape the battery down, although there isn't much space in there it will bounce around, and make some noises, I have also seen it knock a less then stellar solder connection off.

By the looks of it your guitar only has 1 pot, which I am assuming you want to be volume, so you will need to modify the wiring layout some what. Just take the white wires and connect them to the switch, and take a wire from the switch to the volume pot then to the jack.

Also, always leave the back plates off until you are certain it works, I always wire up a pot backwards and have to go back and change things, it is just a pain having to the the plates off again.
im on the same boat, techs to expensive so my dad and i are gonna try on our own.

From what came in the bag, there is an output jack included, as well as 4 of the knob things (excuse my word usage lol), some washers, sprigs, wires ,etc. the ONLY thing it seems to not have is the three-way toggle switch. As you can see in the diagram, on the bottom side thers three wires connecting to it, but on the other side, thers a wire coming out, but where the hell is that on my SG?

Any thoughts?

aside from that it appears, hopefully, that i have everything that i need, I have to un-solder some stuff, hopefully this wont take me more than a few hours.

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By the way, while you're modding your guitar, it might be a pretty good idea to get some copper tape and shield those cavities...
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By the way, while you're modding your guitar, it might be a pretty good idea to get some copper tape and shield those cavities...

no point actives dont need grounding

ts, your need a new jack and 25k pots instead of the ones you have now i beilive

correct me if im wrong
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The Blackouts should come with the stereo output jack and 25k pots needed I think. (Might depend where they're bought from though I suppose.)

This is a rare setup.
You can see that there are four toggle switches, one volume and one tone.
And also a chip. ///
This is my first time changing pickups and I started this not knowing how crazy it would be to do. Thanks for helping.