I write music with my friend Drew (alternative Hip-Hop, he sings, I write music)... anyways we just finished recording our first songs, and i posted them in my MP3 in my UG profile.

This is both of our first attempts at recording. The drums are fake, only the layered guitars are real & the lyrics were written like 10 minutes before we recorded.

They're my first songs and before I get back downstairs to finish other songs, hopefully I could get some criticism.

I am not singing either. But if I could get some criticism on the vocals as well, I suppose it would be just as helpful.
the guitars sound a bit muddy but maybe thats what you were going for. the notes you play fit really well and sound good. i like magic moment but i think the levels need adjusting (bass too loud?). wicked solo there too. lyrics and vocal are good all around. if it was better produced i'd buy your album, i like your style. its about time someone mixed guitar solos with hip hop!
haha.. thanks man i appreciate it.

i agree that the levels needing proper adjusting. i don't have much to work with. the basslines are actually done on the same guitar I'm playing the other parts with.
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Kill It:
drums arn't live and you can tell. not that its a bad thing, just some stuff needs fixing
cymbals don't fit at all. to harsh. mellow them out and add some reverb.
I enjoy the solo, but it could use some lead in.
Deeper vocals would have fit better to my ears. or more rough I guess.
the filter worked well.
I liked the last line "im out"

Magic Moment:
You should get a pop filter. you have some harsh "p" sounds at the very beginning.
The dynamics of the "bass" are not consistant and follow no pattern that I can tell. A bit of compression would help this.
Vocals on this track are better to my ear.
at 2:28 you could use a longer cymbal crash to tie parts together.
didn't dig the solo so much in this song.

Not All is Well is Paradise:
drum beat is nice. though it is still to digital/harsh. blend with some reverb. make it feel like its in the same place as the guitars.
last solo note at 1:23 needs to be allowed to ring.
vocals fit quite nicely on this one.
2:32 needs to let guitar ring again.

Good work man, keep it up.
thanks... like i said i had very little to work with.

The drums on all three tracks are fake.
If my program had any modulating effects (reverb, echo, etc.) I would have used them.
I didn't even have a bass, it is actually the guitar.
And the guitar I used is a piece. A squire Telecaster with a broken jack port, a missing high E string, terrible fret buzz, and the cosmetics are awful (half the paint is scratched off & the volume knob is missing)
The Guitar tracks are completely digital, (Line 6 Guitar port). i used one clean tone for almost all of the tracks. the difference is volume, tone, and pitch shifting
The mixing program I used is nice. but I'm no pro.
The entire thing was recorded in about 30 minutes. The guitar tracks were rehearsed, and the lyrics were freestyled. and the solos were completely improvised.

Glad you liked it though. There's about 20 more songs coming lol