hi guys could you help me with some scales, recommend me some good easy to learn ones

also i have been told that i need to use my little finger and the one next to it more on my fretting hand, any advice on how to improve my technique would be much appreciated

i can tell you're kinda new to playing an instrument.

try getting a teacher.
The major, minor and blues scales are a good place to start.

To incorporate your little finger, pick a riff/song/lick etc that involves some long stretches, and when you play it and you need to stretch more that two frets (say from the 5th to the 8th) use your little finger. Take it slow at first, you'll build up the strength in time. Make sure you try and do this every day.
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actually im not really trhat new (been playing for about a year) but hav'nt really been concentrating on technique just playing songs, i do have a teacher

the second post was more helpful so thanks for that where do i find the scales youi said?

Ask your teacher about the scales, or buy yourself a big book on the bass guitar. I have the Bass Bible by Paul Westwood. It's got all sorts of things in there (how to play different styles, pretty much every scale and arpeggio you can think of, etc) so if you ever need to know anything to do with playing the bass, you just have to look in there.
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First off--talk to your teacher about the technique and scales What has he been teaching you so far?

For using the pinky and developing stretch--spider scales. There are several you tube clips out there showing how to do them. Doing chromatic scales using all four fingers (one finger per fret) is helpful as well.

Most popular rock music is written in major, minor, minor and major pentatonic and the blues scales. Start there with your teacher. And make sure you don't just memorize the fretboard patterns--you should learn the intervals between the notes in each scale as well--its extremely helpful for developing your own basslines later on in any key imaginable.