Looking for a head to suit my band Swing from a streetlight. im only an apprentice, so money is naturally a big issue... but my budget is about $2500AU.

so far i've tried Orange rockverb50, Marshall TSL60, Bogner Alchemist40, crate blue voodoo, line6 spider valve, and a couple of others (including a mesa duel rectifyer... i can dream ).

i'll be playing through it with a squire strat with a jb in bridge position.

i'm looking for advice in terms of tone, price and long term value.

i'm planning for playing it through my randall rg100 combo until i scrape up money for something better... its fitted with 2X12"celestions, so should handle most of the affor mentioned fairly well... i am quite fond of my old randall actually. do they make valve heads?

any help would be greatly appreciated
my bands name links to our my space. that will give you a very good idea of my style. our recordings were done of my mates rockerverb 50, which blew during the second song i was doing, which forced me to switch to jmc. i liked both tones.

but if you dont want to have a look, i play mostly rock/pop punk kinda stuff with my band. im looking for something high gain, with a clean channel that can vary from sweet tones to a ballsy, almost overdrive sort of tone
Do you already have a cabinet?

If so, check out this, . or any used Marshall JCM800/900/2000 DSL (not TSLs, they suck) you see.
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