Ok I hate to plague the pit with my problems but it is really annoying me.

For some reason on messenger it's not letting me say anything. It started a day or 2 ago, every so often it would say "The following message could not be delivered to all recipients:" etc, and then it said that maybe every 3 or 4 times I tried to say something.

But now it does it EVERY TIME! I can't say anything at all to anyone!

Please help!
it did that to me

use a web messenger for a while

try ebuddy
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Just tell us your email address and i can sort it out
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I used to get these problems a bit, but they pretty much stopped, I'm using Windows Live Messenger 2009 now, no problems =)
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MSN Messenger is rubbish and breaks all the time, use Windows Live Messenger.
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Just Sign out and sign back in when that happens. Usually works. Should go a away after a while.
Might be because your running torrents or limewire or something thats using up all your bandwidth?
that happens to me on occasion. Don't rightly know how it fixes itself, but it usually does within a few minutes..

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