One of my favourite Aussie bands that have been playing an enjoyably catchy blend or rock and roll since the 80's.

Huge in Brazil, not sure about their fanbases in other parts of the world.

Better known songs include: What's My Scene?, My Girl, Waking Up Tired, Miss Free Love 69, Bittersweet, Like Wow!, 1,000 Miles Away and Come Anytime.

Any big fans of the Guru's?
Hmmm Cant say I am, heard whats my scene I think its goes like whats my whats my whats my etc.. I should really try and get into some more Australian music I mean theres good stuff out there just gotta find it.
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are they really that old, the only song ive ever heard by them is come anytime, and i allways thought they were a fairly new band haha, they seem cool thoe
Yeah man I think they started in about 81, the good thing about their music is that its not really that dated, it remained cool throughout the 80's and into the 90's.