hi, everyone i've been doing some research on these guitars and can't make up my mind if i should buy one. i am a beginner and don't know what to look for in a guitar. i like to play metal, would this be a good guitar for a beginner.
I've only played one, to see how the curved back felt and IMO it feels better than a standard acoustic, a bit costly mind. I had my eye on one, but my dad gave me his, so i left it, to be honest i didn't really help sorry
i don't like to play thm, they alsways slide of my lap and the sound isn't that great when you're not plugged in
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If you like to play metal why are you shopping for an acoustic guitar? Go play a Les Paul or Fender and come back.
seen mick thompson from slipknot with an ovation he plays metal. thats why i asked about this guitar
that's probably 1% of metal guitarists really...

you should be looking for an electric guitar. an acoustic electric amplifies the acoustic sound. i assume you want distortion and all that?
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you should be looking for an electric guitar. an acoustic electric amplifies the acoustic sound. i assume you want distortion and all that?

Lots of metal uses acoustic guitars now and then. And he's already got an electric, according to his profile.

Ovations are very hit-and-miss. Their tone unplugged is often described as thin, weak, and tinny, and I agree with all of these. Amplified, though, they're awesome.

How much were you thinking about putting into this?
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^TBH I think they sound thin and tinny even when they're plugged in. I just don't like Ovations in any way shape or form, even though a few of them look pretty cool.
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I found the back to be awkward to play when sitting down. In general though, the mid range to high end stuff is good but the lower priced stuff is pretty meh.
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The acoustic tone is really bad. The plugged in sound is decent.

What I can't stand about Ovations is the round back. It keeps slipping off my leg when I try to play it sitting down. That, for me, is a big
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