Hey guys,
I've had a Crate GT60 XL for nearly 10 or so years now but I upgraded a while ago to another amp. I've got it out recently to use and it wont work.

The strange this is that it WILL work if I use an MP3 player in the line in, so that means that the speaker still works... And not the amp. If I turn it up to full volume I can hear the sound but it's literally at full volume and all I can hear is the distant playing of my guitar.
I was wondering if anyone has had this problem before with this particular amp or another amp and if so how they solved it...
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
Have you tried changing cables? It could be the input jack as well. If you hear a faint sound, it may be a bad ground somewhere.
The cable's fine because it works when I plug the guitar into the line in.
Well that's the thing there are 2 inputs, 0dB and -6dB. And both are the same really.
A bad ground?...